Three varieties of gun safes are available commercially: those with combination-locks, electronic-locks and key locks. Of the three, key-lock safes are the easiest to use and the least expensive. Combination locks require turning the dial to three numbers in proper order and with the right technique. Electronic-locks are opened by entering the proper code on a keypad. There also are electronic safes that require a key as well to open the door.

Combination Lock Safes

Step 1

Turn the dial several times to clear the tumblers and stop at zero.

Step 2

Turn the dial left past zero at least three times and stop the dial on the first number.

Step 3

Turn the dial right, pass the second number once and stop on the second number.

Step 4

Turn the dial left to the third number.

Step 5

Turn the door handle clockwise and pull open the safe door.

Electronic Lock Safes

Step 6

Enter the safe's access code into the keypad. The access code is usually a five-digit number provided by the safe manufacturer that can be customized by the owner. Following each entry the keypad will blink and beep, indicating that the number was received.

Step 7

If the safe is also equipped with a key lock, insert the key and turn it clockwise.

Step 8

Rotate the door handle clockwise and pull open the safe door.

Key Lock Safes

Step 9

Insert the key into the lock.

Step 10

Turn the key clockwise.

Step 11

Pull open the safe door.