The Cannon Gun Safe Electric Lock Is Not Working

Cannon produces several lines of lock boxes, including home, office, wall and gun safes. The gun safes are available with three styles of electronic locks. Once you identify your lock design, you can easily work around a malfunctioning electric lock.

Step 1

Identify your lock. S&G and LP locks have numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the top row. S&G locks have a "Q" on the "1" button. LP locks have an "A" on the "1." SecuRam locks have the "SecuRam" logo printed near the keypad.

Step 2

Wait 15 minutes. The S&G lock has a 15-minute lockout period after four incorrect code entries. After this period has ended, turn the handle clockwise slightly, then enter the 6-digit code and #. Turn the handle counterclockwise to open.

Step 3

Wait five minutes. The LP lock has a five-minute lockout after four incorrect attempts to open. Wait until the time is up, turn the handle clockwise until it stops, then enter the six-digit code slowly. The safe will beep twice. Immediately turn the handle counterclockwise to open.

Step 4

Wait five minutes. The SecuRam lock also has a five-minute lockout period after four incorrect codes are entered. Wait, then turn the handle slightly clockwise, slowly enter the six-digit code, turn the handle counterclockwise and open the safe.

Jacob Buckenmeyer

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