How to Open a Sentry Safe Without the Combination

All brand new Sentry combination safes can be opened with the standard 1,7,5,0,0 factory code. However, re-program your safe with your own personal code is an essential step for maximum security. In addition, electronic combination locks come with a secondary override key that allows you to open the safe without entering the combination. Please note: you cannot force a Sentry safe open without damaging it beyond repair.

Override Key

If you can't remember your electronic lock's combination, you can open your electronic combination safe in an emergency with the override key.

  • Remove the small tear-drop shaped clip-on cover between the knob and the keypad
  • Insert the tubular override key into the key opening
  • Turn the key clockwise and hold it in position
  • Turn the handle clockwise to open the door
  • Replace the clip-on cover

Combination Replacement

After you send the warrantee card with the serial number and your new code numbers to Sentry Safe, you can access your forgotten combination as follows: Obtain a notarized statement of ownership and fax or email it to Century Safe. Log into the Combo Recovery website, enter your safe's model and serial number and go to the checkout page. After paying the $20 fee, follow the confirmation instructions and await delivery. Standard orders are shipped within three to five business days. Express delivery is available at an extra charge of $10 and takes 1 to 2 business days.

Key Replacement

If you have lost your override key, fax or email a notarized statement of ownership to Sentry Safe and then log into the Key Replacement website. Enter your safe's model number, serial number and key number, and then follow the confirmation instructions. Standard orders are shipped within seven to ten business days; express orders costs an extra $10 and you can expect delivery within 48 hours.

3-Digit Combination Safes without a Key Lock

Once you have received your forgotten 3-digit safe's combination, you can open the safe as follows:

  1. Turn the dial to zero.
  2. Spin the dial counterclockwise towards the left three full revolutions. Stop on the first number during each rotation and then stop on the first number after the third rotation.
  3. Spin the dial clockwise to the right for one revolution and stop on the second number. Spin the dial one more revolution clockwise and then stop on the second number.
  4. Turn the dial counterclockwise to the left for a single revolution and stop on the last number.
  5. Pull the handle down and open the safe.

Register Your Combination

Instead of writing your new combination down and storing it in a safe place, you can save time and money by registering your details online in Sentry Safe's highly secure site. Apart from the site's elaborate encryption protocols, your user name and password act as a secondary barrier against unauthorized access. Once registered, you can immediately access your password and override key details online at no extra charge.