How to Reset an Amsec Push Button Safe Combination

AMSEC is a provider of light-duty and heavy-duty safes. The heavy-duty models often have rotary combination locks while the light-duty models have push button locks. Light-duty models tend to be smaller in size and may be used for important documents, small firearms or other valuables. For security reasons, it's best to change the combination code on an AMSEC push button safe regularly. You must know the current combination in order to make a new one.

Step 1

Punch in the current password and open the door. Lock the door while it's still in the open position.

Step 2

Press the "Change" button one time.

Step 3

Punch in a series of five numbers to set the new password. The password changes automatically as soon as you punch the fifth number.

Step 4

Test the new code to ensure it works. If necessary, punch in the password again.