How to Change Your Code in a Homak Gun Case

Homak Security produces a number of safes and lockable gun cases. The pistol box is one of the company's smallest models, and it is designed to provide a high level of security with the ability for quick access. Each safe comes with a factory code that can be changed to one of your choosing. Instead of the traditional numbered key pad, the Homak has the letters H-O-M-A-K along the side of the door. These can be entered in any order for a unique safe code.

Step 1

Open the door. Enter the factory code, which is printed on the back of your owner's manual. Or enter the old code that you want to change. Push the door after entering the code, and it will open.

Step 2

Press the programming button on the inside panel. Hold down this button until the green light stays on.

Step 3

Enter the new code. Use three to six "keystrokes" to input your code. You can enter a single-letter code, such as K-A-M. Or you can enter multiple letters at once, like KA-MO-H.

Step 4

Press the programming button. Hold it this time until the green light goes off and the red light stays on.

Step 5

Re-enter your new code. The green light will flash after each entry.

Step 6

Press the programming button again until the green light flashes. If the red light flashes, something went wrong. Start over at Step 1.