Instructions for Ace Hardware Combination Padlocks

Combination locks allow you to securely lock up your valuables without the need to carry around a key. Also, combination locks are usually more secure than a standard lock-and-key padlock, because lock-and-key padlocks can be picked while someone must meticulously tinker with a combination lock to determine its combination. Combination locks have a turnable dial in the center of their face and a shackle at the top which is released when the proper combination is inputted.

Turn-dial combination locks generally use the same universsal instructions.

Step 1

Hold the lock with one hand and rotate the dial with the opposite hand.

Step 2

Rotate the dial clockwise three full turns and then stop the dial so that the first number of the combination is lined up with the arrow at the top of the lock (called the indicator), and stop.

Step 3

Rotate the dial counter-clockwise one full turn and then continue rotating counter-clockwise until the second number is aligned with the indicator and stop.

Step 4

Rotate the dial clockwise until the third number is lined up with the indicator and stop.

Step 5

Pull up on the shackle or down on the lock to open the shackle.