How to Open a Liberty Gun Safe

Liberty gun safes are fire resistant steel safes that can protect your firearms or property for up to two and a half hours during a fire, depending on the model type of the safe. The Liberty gun safes come equipped with a three-combination mechanical lock. To open the lock, you must dial in the correct combination using the proper procedure.

Opening your safe grants access to your secured valuables.

Step 1

Face the combination dial directly, and turn the dial so that the number '0' is beneath the arrow at the top of the dial. Insert the key into the lock in the dial, and turn the key half a turn clockwise, releasing the dial.

Step 2

Turn the dial to the left, passing the first number of the 3-digit combination three times. Twist the dial a final turn, and pause precisely at the first number a fourth time.

Step 3

Rotate the dial to the right, passing the second number of the combination two times, and then turning a final circuit and stopping at the second number the third time you get to it.

Step 4

Spin the dial to the left again, passing the third combination number once and making a complete circuit on the dial to stop at the third combination number as you go past it a second time.

Step 5

Twist the dial to the right; the dial will not complete a revolution if you entered the combination correctly. Turn the handle of the Liberty gun safe, and pull the door of the safe open.