How to Take a Honeywell Alarm Panel Off the Wall

An alarm system's alarm panel regulates and monitors the sensors that protect a home from intrusion. To remove a Honeywell alarm system's alarm panel from the wall it has been mounted on, follow a set of procedures that will not damage either the alarm system or the one doing the removal. The procedures are straightforward and similar for other makes of alarm systems as well. All you need are some common household tools.

Step 1

Contact the off-site monitor service to let them know you are deactivating the alarm and that the warning signal being sent out can be ignored.

Step 2

Enter the "Master" code password into the Honeywell alarm systems alarm panel's keypad. Navigate through the menu settings to the "Configure" or "Setup" menu — the actual name may vary depending on the alarm panel model that the alarm system is using.

Step 3

Go to the fuse box and trip the circuit breaker that feeds electricity to the area where the alarm panel is located. Return to the alarm panel. If the alarm panel has a power cord plugged into an AC outlet, remove the plug before doing anything else.

Step 4

Open or remove the panel's cover — remove screws with a Phillips screwdriver or loosen tabs with a pair of pliers, depending on the model of the alarm panel. Open the cover wide or remove it altogether, depending on the model of the alarm panel.

Step 5

Loosen the two tabs on the top of the battery backup with the pliers. Remove the tabs from the screws on the top of the battery, using your fingers. Unwind the wires from around the screws. Pull the battery out of the alarm panel and set it aside.

Step 6

Loosen the screws inside the alarm panel, using a Phillips screwdriver, so you can remove the wiring connecting the panel to the electric lines and to the sensors. Unwind the wires from the screws. Pull the wires off the screws.

Step 7

Remove the screws from the inside corners of the alarm panel, using the Phillips screwdriver. Pull the alarm panel off the wall. Pull the wires out through the back of the alarm panel.