How to Break a Steering Wheel Lock

It may be unfortunate, but it does occasionally happen: you have lost the keys to your steering wheel lock. Chances are, you were using the popular device called “The Club”. The local police cannot unlock your vehicle’s steering column without removing the steering wheel, and at times, even this is not possible. A locksmith could be the answer, but service such as this will cost you up to $75 or more. Lucky for you, there is a way to fix this problem for yourself.

Steering wheel locks such as these require a key.

Step 1

Put on the gloves and goggles

Step 2

Pull or unscrew the pin out of the end of the attachment (it will resemble the valve stem on a tire) BEFORE you attach it to the can.

Step 3

Hold the nozzle away from your face and body. You must connect the attachment to the can of freon. When you do, the freon will forcefully be ejected from the can. Make sure to point the nozzle directly at the lock on The Club. You will see heavy ice building up in and around the lock.

Step 4

Dispose of the can immediately into the plastic bag.

Step 5

Take the hammer and strike the iced-over lock forcefully. It should shatter, breaking The Club and releasing your steering wheel column.