Some Things to Get Rid of Sand Fleas

Sand fleas can be a real nuisance to you, your family and your pets, especially if you live near or enjoy visiting the beach or other areas where sand fleas live and thrive. In order to understand sand fleas, think of a regular flea that is only about 1/8 inch long at the maximum, then picture a flea that can grow to almost one inch long in some areas and feeds on people by biting and sucking the blood out of them like a regular household flea. The larvae and eggs of a sand flea are very small, and it is easy to bring some uninvited guests home with you once you leave the beach and are homeward bound, especially if you brought pets that have long fur. There are a number of methods to control sand flea infestations that can help you.


Vacuuming helps control sand flea eggs and larvae if you have inadvertently brought some home with you. A HEPA filtering vacuum can remove even the smallest particles of dust and dirt, which are much smaller than a sand flea egg or larvae, so if you use one of these vacuum cleaners, you can easily kill off the sand fleas that are causing you problems, although it may take a number of different vacuuming sessions to get rid of them all.

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaning heats water until it evaporates and becomes steam, well over the 212 degree Fahrenheit boiling point of water. Using a dry vapor steam cleaner to clean cracks and crevices where sand flea larvae and pupae hide will help you eradicate them from your home much more rapidly than simply using a vacuum cleaner, as steam can heat them up and kill them in areas that a vacuum can't reach.


Using insecticides is another good way to control sand flea problems. The proper insecticides, such as a bug bomb, can help kill off the fleas eggs, larvae, pupae and those in the adult stages within your home before they are able to develop. Of course, you still need to vacuum in conjunction with this method.


Prevention is much more effective than trying to remove sand fleas, so make sure that your clothing, pets and other household items are clean of bugs before you bring them into your home. Give your pets a good rinse or bath before you get home. This way you can make sure you don't have the sand flea problem in the future.

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