How to Deal With the Smell of Gas

How to Deal With the Smell of Gas. Natural gas and propane have become a part of our everyday lives and most of us simply take it for granted. However, a gas leak can be extremely dangerous and cause a tremendous explosion--so it's important that you and everyone in your family know what natural gas smells like--and what to do if you do smell gas. In its natural state, gas is colorless, non-poisonous and odorless. The "rotten egg" smell you associate with gas is a chemical added by gas companies to make a gas leak easier to detect. Here are some pointers on how to react if you smell gas outdoors or inside your home.

How to Handle Gas Escaping Outside

Step 1

Remain calm if you smell gas and hear the hissing sound of gas escaping outside.

Step 2

Close all doors and windows in your house to prevent any gas from coming inside.

Step 3

Put out any open fires or exposed flames.

Step 4

Get out of your house and call the emergency number of your natural gas supplier and your fire department from a neighbor's home.

How to Handle Gas Leaking Indoors

Step 5

Open all doors and windows in your home to allow fresh air inside.

Step 6

Get out of your home as quickly as possible, leaving all the doors and windows open.

Step 7

Don't turn any lights, appliances or even computers on OR off. A tiny spark could be all that's necessary to ignite the gas.

Step 8

Don't use your home phone or cell phone. Call the fire department and your natural gas supplier from a neighbor's home a safe distance away.

Step 9

Walk away from the immediate area. Don't start any motor vehicles.

Step 10

Stay away from the area until emergency crews have determined it is safe for you to return to your home.