A Master Lock 647D is a 1-13/16-inch wide, black-and-silver finish, 3-digit combination padlock that features a metal body and a cut-resistant steel shackle. Unlike many locks that have the wheel alignment pointer on the lock face, the 647D also features the pointer on the right side. Resetting the lock doesn't require the use of a reset tool or special code. Instead, Master Lock has designed the 647D so that you can reset it quickly with a few turns of the wheels and shackle.

Step 1

Align the wheels on your Master Lock 647D combination padlock to the "0-0-0" factory default combination or your current combination.

Step 2

Grasp the steel U-shaped shackle and pull it up to open your lock.

Step 3

Move the shackle 90 degrees left and press down.

Step 4

Press down on the top of the shackle and turn it an additional 90 degrees left.

Step 5

Roll and align the wheels to your new combination while pressing down on the shackle.

Step 6

Turn the shackle 90 degrees right and then pull up on it. Turn it another 90 degrees right to its original position.

Step 7

Push the shackle into the hole to close the lock and then scramble the wheels so that you no longer see the new combination.

Step 8

Test the new combination by turning the wheels to the new number and pulling up on the shackle.