Combination locks allow you to secure your belongings, only allowing the lock to open when you put in the correct combination. If you need to reset the combination on your lock, choose a new combination that's free of significant numbers such as your address or birthdays to help make the combination as secure as possible. The old combination is required to reset combination locks. If you don't have the old combination, call your local locksmith for assistance.

Step 1

Open the combination lock using the old combination. Remove the u-bar from the lock body so it's in the "Unlock" position.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to open the anti-dust cover on the back of the combination lock.

Step 3

Align the old combination numbers to the guide points.

Step 4

Press the red "Reset" button inside the back of the combination lock. You should hear a clicking sound.

Step 5

Turn the dials so your new combination numbers are in the guide points.

Step 6

Flip the red "Reset" button to its original position.

Step 7

Try your new combination three times to make sure it works properly.