As a sanctuary from work and as a place to relax, the privacy of your home is important. Window blinds are one way to keep your household private. Blinds not only protect your home from invasions of privacy, they also save energy, keeping warmth in during the winter when heat can escape through glass, and blocking sun during the summer.


Step 1

Place the stool, chair or ladder on the right of the window, near the adjustable blind-lowering cords.

Step 2

Step up on the chair, stool or ladder and pull the single lowering cord diagonally (or toward your left) to bring the blinds down. Pulling the cord straight down will raise the blinds.

Step 3

Place your step stool at the base of the window's left side.

Step 4

Stand on the stool, approaching blinds from the left near the two adjustable cords or the one single cord, depending on the type of blinds.

Step 5

Pull the left cord to close the blinds upward, and the right cord to close the blinds downward, for Venetian blinds. Rotate the single stick to close the blinds for vertical plastic blinds.