Do it Yourself Trampoline Repair

A trampoline is not only lots of fun for kids and family, but it can also provide great exercise. The more wear and tear it experiences, the more likely damage is to occur. Most repairs are simple if caught early on, and you can fix them instead of calling an expensive professional.


Small holes in trampolines are pretty common when used frequently. They can wear down after long term use or they may be caused by certain types of shoes. These kinds of holes can be stitched up with some thread and a sewing machine. If a hole is larger than one-inch in diameter, it may be necessary to get a specially designed patch. These are often provided by trampoline manufacturers and are good to have on hand in case of an emergency tear.


Sometimes springs get stretched out over and over to a point where they eventually break. In this case, there is no choice but to replace them. Be sure to carefully measure the length and width of the spring so your new one will have the exact measurements. Simply slide the broken spring out of the grommet hole and put the new one in its place.


Trampoline mats can develop holes with exposure to environmental elements and heavy usage. This part of the trampoline should get extra special attention since it is the main source of protection for the users. Once you spot any holes in the mat, remove it completely. Use a patch from the kit to cover the area. Sew the patch over the topside of the hole: there is no need to cover the bottom with a patch. Replace the mat onto your trampoline and hook the loops back on the springs.


Remember, to inspect the trampoline at least once a week for any anomalies. Routine maintenance is much cheaper in the long run than letting a hole get larger and larger making the trampoline unsafe for use. It is easy to overlook small holes or tears on trampolines, but those eventually progress to larger, more unmanageable problems. It is always less expensive to use this do-it-yourself method than to hire a professional or replace the trampoline altogether.