How to Boil Well Water for Drinking

Well water that appears cloudy, smells foul or just looks "off" is likely not safe to drink. Boiling water causes no damage to the water and is a "better safe than sorry" approach which ensures that you will not become ill from drinking the water. Harmful bacteria and other similar agents are removed from well water by boiling it. The water must be boiled properly and for the right amount of time, however.

Step 1

Put the water filter (examples: Dupont, ZeroWater or Brita) in place at the top of the pitcher. According to the website Drinking Water Resources, coffee filters, paper towels or thin cloths are also adequate filters.

Step 2

Pour the well water through the filter and into the pitcher. The filter catches chlorine, copper, mercury, sediment and other particles that contaminate well drinking water.

Step 3

Pour all of the filtered water into a cooking pot.

Step 4

Place the pot onto the stove. Turn the stove onto "high."

Step 5

Heat the well water until it's at a constant, or "rolling," boil. Then, place a lid onto the pot. Turn the heat down to "Medium."

Step 6

Boil the water for 5 additional minutes. According to the website Drinking Water Resources, individuals living 5,000 feet or more above water must boil the water for an additional 10 minutes.

Step 7

Keep the water covered as it cools. Then, pour the water into a clean pitcher or container.