How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Around the Door

Mosquitoes can be a pain especially when all you want to do is relax on your porch without being eaten alive. You might have already tried multiple ways to get rid of them but only to have no success. Mosquitoes around your door can enter your home easily every time you open it and then you are left waking up with mosquito bites all over you the next morning. Here are some ways to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes around the doors of your home.

Step 1

Spray around the door entirely both inside and outside. When mosquitoes get around the door and get in the spray they will definitely not be bothering you anymore. Just remember to spray everyday so you are sure to get them all.

Step 2

Keep any grass around the door short. Cut the grass to prevent it from being a mosquito haven.

Step 3

Remove any standing water. If you have a pool there isn't much you can do about removing it, but if you have any other sources of permanent standing water make sure they aren't close by the door.

Step 4

Distract the mosquitoes. Using a shallow pan mix water with sugar and set out in the yard, away from the door. This will attract the mosquitoes and probably other insects away from you and your door.