How to Make an Outdoor Ashtray

Smoking in the home is not a desirable thing. It causes smelly furniture and dingy curtains and walls, and it can even cause health problems for anyone living in your home. At the same time, when you send smokers outside, it's not a pretty sight to see cigarette butts scattered throughout your yard and on your porch. This is why an outdoor cigarette ashtray comes in handy when guests are over.

Step 1

Put one to three handfuls of charcoal in the bucket to reduce the smell of cigarettes after they are disposed.

Step 2

Pour the sand into your bucket until it's about 1 inch from the top of the bucket.

Step 3

Place the scooper beside the bucket. Use this to remove old cigarette butts when the ashtray becomes full.

Step 4

Place the bucket of sand on top of a table in the area where your guests are asked to smoke (preferably in an area where the sand will not get rained on). If desired, put a sign up that says "Cigarette Butts Here" with an arrow pointing to the ashtray.

Emilia Lamberto

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