How to Set a Petsafe Fence Collar

Before you start using a Petsafe receiver collar, you must set the static correction level. The collar is already set up to beep. However, the static correction (shock affect) is not set up. The collar can be set to beep only, or to give a low, medium or a high static correction. Try different levels, starting with the lowest static setting, to find one that is right for your dog.

Step 1

Use a quarter to remove the cover on the static control located on top of the transmitter. The transmitter is the black box on the collar that has two prongs. Insert the coin in the slot and turn counter-clockwise.

Step 2

Press the correction level button with your finger and release. The LCD light on the receiver will light up and flash. Count the number of flashes, which will tell you the static level. Use the table below to set the static level according to your dog personality and energy level. If you have a timid dog, level 1 may work the best, but if your dog is hyperactive, a higher setting around five or six may be necessary.

One flash is level 1--beep only with no static correction Two flashes is level 2--low static correction, timid dog Three flashes is level 3--medium to low static correction, for timid or average dog Four flashes is level 4--medium static correction, for average-energy dog Five flashes is level 5--medium to high static correction, for average to high-energy dog Six flashes is level 6--high static correction, for high-energy dog.

Step 3

Use your finger to turn the static button. Count the flashes. To change the level, wait five seconds before turning again. Continue turning until you have the correct level for your dog.

Step 4

Replace the cover after setting the static level that will work with your dog.

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