Can I Put My Portable Fire Pit on the Grass?

One of the benefits of a portable fire pit is you can set it up just about anywhere deemed safe and allowed by your local laws. For safety's sake, do not put the fire pit directly upon grass -- the surface beneath the pit should be nonflammable and heat-resistant, such as a brick patio or an old stone slab.

Safe Ground

Set your portable fire pit atop a level, nonflammable surface that also will not melt, such as concrete, brick or stone. An area covered with only sand or dirt, no vegetation, is also a safe option, as there's no chance of burning it. When adding more wood to a fire, do not set the spark screen atop grass or flammable materials either -- the screen is extremely hot from the fire and can burn or melt materials easily.

Safe Space

Even if your yard has plenty of suitable ground space for the fire pit, the space surrounding the pit is of even more concern due to random sparks or embers that may catch a breeze and exit the pit.

  • Keep the pit at least 15 feet away from nearby structures that may catch fire or be damaged by it, such as your home, garage and garden shed. Even wooden fences and deck railings can catch fire.
  • Use the pit far away from vegetation that may catch fire, such as tree branches and shrubs. Trim low-hanging branches so they are at least 15 feet away from high fire-pit flames.
  • Move all potentially flammable or hazardous materials far away from the fire pit when using the pit. Spray paint cans, lighter fluid, propane tanks should be stored elsewhere. Move any other flammable materials, such as flags or patio umbrellas,

    out of the way as well.

  • Pay attention to the wind direction and speed before lighting a fire. Strong winds may guide the flame or stray embers farther than you may expect. Wind may also blow smoke into a neighboring home, so you may want to skip the fires altogether on windy days.

Additional Safety

Once the wood in the pit is aflame, put the spark screen back over the flames by using a long poker or tool to lift the screen by its handle. The screen helps keep embers and sparks from exiting the fire pit, which greatly cuts down on the chance of fire outside the pit. Do not allow children to use the fire pit.