How to Refill the Bernzomatic Utility Lighter

All models of Bernzomatic brand utility lighters are refillable and utilize the same butane cylinder refill canisters. The fuel port is located on the base of the lighter. The fuel level is clearly visible through the chamber window.

Step 1

Hold the lighter upright and depress the fuel refilling port on the lighter base with a small screwdriver to release any leftover butane fuel.

Step 2

Adjust the flame height to the off position to close the fuel channel.

Step 3

Press the butane refill canister nozzle into the refill port on the lighter base. Butane flowing into the fuel chamber will be visible through the fuel window. Do not overfill the fuel chamber.

Step 4

Return the flame adjustment dial back to the desired position. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the fuel in the lighter to reach room temperature before using the lighter.