How to Kill Rats With a Box Trap

A rat infestation can be a serious problem since rodents often carry diseases that are harmful to pets and people. Rats are attracted to areas with open garbage cans or where food has been left out. If you feed your pets outside, be sure to take the food inside after feeding. Bird feeders also attract rats since they eat the seed that falls to the ground. Luckily, there are various ways to eliminate a rat problem and keep future rodent issues under control. Bait boxes containing poison are an effective way to target and eliminate rats.

Step 1

Know what type of trap you want to use. There are many different types of rodent traps available. The location of the rat infestation will determine which type you use. Box traps consist of an enclosed compartment that safely contains the specific trap set. You can choose to set poison inside the box trap that will lure the rodent inside the box and once consumed the rodent will die. Another popular option is setting a snap trap within the box trap. This is a better option if you have small children or pets to avoid the potentially harmful use of poison.

Step 2

Place the box traps near basement doors or entryways where the rodents may enter. Rats typically run along walls or alleyways since they do not have good vision and use this method for direction toward the food. Place the traps at a right angle to walls or outdoor perimeters that are frequented by the rodents.

Step 3

Open the lid of the box trap and place snap traps together in pairs at the back of the box. This ensures the rat will hit the trigger end of a trap to properly set off the device. Using box traps set with baited snap traps inside will kill the rodent on contact. Use peanut butter or small amounts of pet food to bait the boxes.

Tamara Rutter

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