How to Get the Combination to a Master Lock

You may find yourself in a predicament when wanting to use a combination-style Master Lock that has not been in use for a while. You need the combination to unlock it and lock it to an item for safekeeping. Storing a combination at the Master Lock Vault website allows retrieval of the information on demand. If your combination is not stored in the vault, Master Lock has a form to fill out to receive the combination.

Step 1

Go to the Master Lock Vault website to retrieve a stored combination. This is a free service that Master Lock provides to store combination lock serial numbers and their combinations for customer use. This site has immediate retrieval of the combinations registered to your locks.

Step 2

Retrieve an unregistered combination by going to the Master Lock website and clicking on FAQ's Lost Combinations. Print out the lost combination form and fill it out. Have the form notarized to acknowledge that you are the owner of the lock.

Step 3

Take a photo of the back of the combination lock with the serial number showing and clearly showing that the lock is not attached to anything. Write the serial number on the photo for clear identification.

Step 4

Mail the notarized form and photocopy of the lock back to the Master Lock Warehouse address on the lost combination page. You will receive your combination by mail.