How to Hack any Garage Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Electrical tape

  • Butter knife

  • Remote control to garage door opener

  • USB cord

  • Laptop

  • Sharp knife

How to Hack any Garage Door. Hacking into your garage door may be necessary if you have lost your garage door opener or the programming is messed up not allowing you access. This can be done with just a few simple household items and a little knowledge.

Step 1

Gather the things you will need to accomplish this task. It's best to do this on top of a flat, clean surface, like a table or other surface. Place the items all out within easy reach and access.

Step 2

Pop the top off the remote controlled garage door opener using the butter knife to pop it apart. This should be fairly easy as they are not usually held together with screws or any other fasteners. Take the mother board and other components out of the garage door opener casing and lay them out on the table.

Step 3

Use the sharp knife to cut off the small square end of the USB cable and strip the wires. Notice there are four bare wires after the sheath is stripped off. There should be the following colors of wires: red, white, black and green. Use electrical tape to hold the wires to the contact points inside the garage door opener.

Step 4

Place the white wire to the internal antennae of the remote. Red connects to the power supply which can be the positive terminal of the battery. The black wire is ground and connects to a staple-like object. The green wire needs to connect under the signal box on the opposite side of the remote.

Step 5

Close the remote case back up. You should now have one end of the UBS cable going into the remote and the other end open to plug into your laptop. Use cracking software or other source code and when plugged into the laptop, it should detect the remote. The program will automatically detect the code from the remote and once finished, you should be able to test the remote on your garage door.