A butane lighter is used to light candles, camp fires, outdoor grills and cigars. The tank of a butane lighter stores butane gas fuel which then ignites to produce a flame useful for a variety of utility lighting tasks. Operation of a butane lighter includes the process of adding butane fuel as well as the general operation to ignite a flame for use.

Butane Lighter Operation

Step 1

Hold the butane lighter securely with one hand.

Step 2

Locate the top release. Press or slide the release, based on brand and design of the butane lighter, to open the top. Flip the top open on lighter models that operate on a spring hinge design.

Step 3

Place the thumb of the hand that is holding the lighter on the ignition pad.

Step 4

Press down slightly on the pad to release butane gas through the lighter burner.

Step 5

Press the pad down completely to produce a spark and ignite the butane gas. Press the pad down completely up to three times to produce a flame if necessary.

Refill Butane Lighter

Step 6

Turn the butane lighter upside down. Turn the flame height adjustment to the lowest setting. Use a small screwdriver, if necessary, to adjust to the lowest or (-) setting.

Step 7

Turn the lighter upright and press on the fuel refill valve with a screwdriver. Hold the valve pressed in to release any remaining fuel and trapped air from the tank in the lighter.

Step 8

Turn the butane lighter upside down once again. Hold a butane refill bottle upside down.

Step 9

Press the refill bottle stem against the fuel fill valve of the lighter. Push in and hold for 10 seconds to refill the fuel tank in the lighter.

Step 10

Remove the refill bottle, adjust the flame height setting as desired and allow the fuel in the tank of the butane lighter to warm for up to one minute before use.