Instructions for U-Change Lock Rekeying

U-Change locks are part of a user-rekeyable lock system that can be used to secure houses, businesses, mailboxes or property. These locks come with a lock-change tool that allows the system to be rekeyed as often as necessary without the need for a professional locksmith. This may be an ideal security measure for those using the lock in a high-security area. The lock can be rekeyed by inserting the currently used key and the included change tool.

Step 1

Insert the U-Change key that is currently being used into the lock's keyhold. Turn the key a 1/4-turn clockwise.

Step 2

Slide the change tool into the small slot above the keyhole. Leave the change tool in the slot, and remove the key.

Step 3

Insert the new key that you would like to use. Remove the change tool.

Step 4

Turn the new key back to a vertical position, then remove it. The lock now operates with only the new key.