How to Program a Homelink Garage Door Opener

HomeLink is a manufacturer of car remote systems that allow you to program your onboard system directly to your garage door. Programming can be done from your car's driver's seat and requires no previous experience. Using only the system and your garage remote, you can have the remote ready to use with your garage door opener unit and motor. HomeLink systems can be programmed to a variety of car types.

HomeLink openers can be programmed to various garage doors.

Step 1

Enter your vehicle with your garage remote and press and hold the two outer buttons on your vehicle's HomeLink system.

Step 2

Release the two buttons once the LED light on the system begins blinking.

Step 3

Hold the garage remote two inches away from the onboard system. Press and hold both the open button on the remote and the button you wish to program on the onboard system.

Step 4

Release the two buttons once the LED light begins to flash more quickly.

Step 5

Press and hold the "Training" button on the onboard system. Release it once the LED lights stop flashing to complete the programming.