How to Program a Door Chime

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There are two elements to programming a wireless door chime and one to programming a wired door chime. Both wireless and wired chimes can be programmed with different tunes. When a visitor presses the doorbell, a tune will play. A wireless chime may also need special programming to avoid interference.

Programming a Wired Door Chime

Step 1

Pry open the back plate or remove the cover of the wired door chime. Locate the two sets of dip switches. The dip switches marked "Front" are for the front door tune and the dip switches marked "Back" are for the back door tune.

Step 2

Set the dip switches. If the switch is up, it is on and if the switch is down, it is off. There's a chime tune table in the instructions and you should refer to it because all the chimes are different.

Step 3

Test your chime.

Programming a Wireless Door Chime

Step 1

Remove the cover and battery from the push button transmitter on a wireless door chime and you'll see a nine-position jumper. The jumper has small tabs that are marked 1 through 9. Removing a jumper is off and leaving one in is on. They slide out. Grasp one with your thumb and first finger.

Step 2

Referring to the instructions for your specific door chime, set the chime you want.

Step 3

Program the house security code on wireless chime systems if the chime works intermittently. Positions 7, 8 and 9 are used for the chime and positions 1 through 6 on the jumpers set the house code. Add or remove a couple of jumpers between 1 and 6 to set the code. It doesn't matter which ones, the idea is you're generating a unique code that's unlikely to be replicated by your neighbor.

Step 4

Repeat the programming of the house code on the chime itself. The chime and the push buttons need to have matching codes so they communicate with each other. Open the little flap on the back above the battery compartment and locate the jumpers. Replicate the pattern you created for the house code and the chime.


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