How to Make a Lock Picking Tension Wrench

To pick a lock, you need only two tools: a lock pick and a tension wrench. You don't have to buy a fancy kit to get a tension wrench, however. You can make one using a paperclip and a pair of pliers. Learn how to make your own tension wrench in case you're ever locked out of your home.

Tension wrench

Step 1

Take a paperclip and pull one of the legs out so it is straight.

Step 2

Take a pair of pliers and bend the leg at a 90-degree angle, in the middle of the leg. It should form an L-shape. Bend it so that when you lay it on the table it is flat, not sticking up in the air.

Step 3

Bend the paperclip again about ¼ inch from the tip of the leg. Bend it straight up, so this part sticks up in the air when lying flat.

Step 4

Make the last bend about an eighth of an inch from the tip of the leg. This time, when the paperclip is lying flat, this part should be bent forward so that you have an upside-down L shape sticking up in the air.

Step 5

Insert the tip of the paperclip into the top or bottom of the lock, whichever is most comfortable for you. Twist the base and hold your finger against the paperclip to keep it from bending out of shape. Continue to apply pressure, and the makeshift tension wrench should turn the lock.