How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Perhaps you've fallen victim to bed bug bites or you've seen these blood-sucking critters in your bedroom. Regardless of how you have determined your house is teeming with bed bugs, the point is you have them and need to get rid of them. For some types of insect infestations, pesticides are a good offense against bugs. Bed bugs, however, typically congregate where you rest, and poisons are apt to affect you as well as the bed bugs. This is why natural bed bug removal is necessary.

Bed bugs can infest even the cleanest houses.

Step 1

Vacuum everything in your bedroom, using attachments when necessary. This means you must pull the mattress and box springs off of the bed frame to thoroughly vacuum as many of the bed bugs and eggs as possible. Vacuum the furniture too, even the bottoms. When you have finished, empty the contents of the vacuum bag into a sealable plastic bag, then discard it.

Step 2

Wash all of your bed linens, pillows and drapes in hot water, then dry on your hottest dryer setting. The heat will kill off bugs and eggs, preventing the return of the pests to your home.

Step 3

Place plastic covers that seal around the top and bottom on your mattress and box springs. Put plastic covers on your pillows. This will trap any remaining bugs and eggs from escaping to bite you.

Step 4

Fill a misting bottle with rubbing alcohol. Spray this on the furniture and floors in your bedroom, then scrub with a dish brush. Alcohol will kill living bed bugs, and the scrubbing will crack open and kill their eggs. You must be extremely thorough with this step since bed bugs could potentially be anywhere in your bedroom. Scrub your bed slats, inside drawers and behind your head board.

Step 5

Vacuum your furniture and floors again to get rid of new bed bug debris created by your scrubbing efforts. Like before, discard the vacuum contents in a sealable plastic bag.