How to Spray to Kill Mice

Mice can wreak havoc in your home despite their small size. If you have tried traditional mouse traps and poisons with no luck, you can add a solution of water, vitamin D and mint to help combat the rodents. Mint acts as a repellent and vitamin D can kill a mouse in two to four days by causing a disruption in its metabolism. This solution is an inexpensive alternative to professional pest control and, more importantly, it will not harm pets or children.

Control mice by spraying with an all natural solution.

Step 1

Crush the vitamin D tablets into small pieces. Using a flat surface will allow you to scoop up the pieces easily.

Step 2

Pour water into the spray bottle, and add the crushed vitamin D tablets.

Step 3

Chop mint leaves by rolling them first and then slicing as small as possible. Place the chopped leaves into the spray bottle.

Step 4

Shake the spray bottle and squirt the solution near places where mice are normally found in your home. You can also use the solution to spray onto the mouse traps you've already set.