How do I Program a Craftsman 315 Handheld Remote?

The Craftsman 315 handheld remote is among the many remotes offered by Craftsman that allow you to secure your garage door opener with extra safety and convenience. You can program your 315 remote in just seconds from within your garage as long as you have access to your motor unit. Programming of the remote will allow you to control your garage right away from as far as a couple hundred feet in your house or the street.

Craftsman remotes can be programmed to most garage doors

Step 1

Enter your garage with your Craftsman 315 remote and press and release the "Learn" button on the back of your garage motor unit. Wait for the red indicator light on the system to start flashing to proceed.

Step 2

Press and hold the button you wish to program on your remote for 30 seconds. Hold the button until the main light on the motor unit flashes twice and release.

Step 3

Wait another 30 seconds for the LED light to stop flashing on the system and test your remote.