How to Kill Crickets With Borax

Crickets are not dangerous insects, but their noisiness, size and shiny, black exoskeletons make them unwelcome house guests. There are many insecticides that will kill crickets, but if you have children or pets around the house, you'll want to take special precautions to use a method safe for them. Thankfully there are a few safe remedies that can help trap and kill crickets in your house easily, mostly with items that you can find in your cupboards.

Crickets aren't big beer drinkers.

Cornmeal and Borax Method

Step 1

Place 2 cups of cornmeal into the mixing bowl. Add about 2 teaspoons of borax. Mix well in the bowl.

Step 2

Place a small amount of the mixture into a shallow dish -- any shallow dish that has a lip just high enough to keep the bait from spilling onto the floor ...saucers or small plates are perfect.

Step 3

Place the dish with the bait near to where you've been having the cricket problem. Fill more dishes and place them in different areas if crickets are entering your house from different places.

Step 4

Clean up any dead crickets and replace the bait weekly until the cricket problem subsides.

Beer and Borax Method

Step 1

Mix 1 cup of beer with 1 teaspoon of borax in the mixing bowl. Make sure that the borax dissolves into the beer.

Step 2

Place a small pool of the mixture into the shallow dishes, and arrange the dishes around the problem areas in your house.

Step 3

Check the dishes often for dead crickets. Because the mixture is liquid, the crickets will die soon after coming into contact with the beer, usually in less than a minute. Clear the crickets and replace the mixture as necessary.

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