How to get rid of Mice That Will not go to Snap Traps With Peanut Butter or Sticky Boards

If you hear scratching or squeaking noises while in bed, and you do not have a pet rodent in a cage, you may have mice. Mice are intelligent creatures that breed quickly and can transmit disease, as with any pest. The usual first thought of a person faced with a mouse problem is to get some snap traps and sticky boards and add peanut butter for bait to catch the critters. This is sometimes effective, but if it doesn't work for your house mice, there are other options.

Get rid of mice before they create a health hazard.

Cut off the Food Supply

Step 1

Pour all of your nonperishable foods, such as cereal, snacks, rice and spices into individual hard plastic containers with airtight lids. This prevents mice from contaminating your food with feces and urine. Also, the mice are less likely to stick around when they cannot find food.

Step 2

Seal off dog or cat food in large plastic bins with airtight lids. This further removes food options for the pests. Remove any uneaten pet food from the dishes at the end of each day as well.

Step 3

Clean up cooking messes or crumbs from eating immediately to avoid leaving treats lying around for the mice.

Step 4

Take your garbage out daily and do not leave any garbage in the home overnight, when the mice come out to eat.

Seal Entryways

Step 5

Caulk around windows to seal them off. Mice can fit into spaces as small as 1/4-inch wide.

Step 6

Apply weatherstripping to doors and under door jambs.

Step 7

Use tight-fitting screens in your windows, especially when you have them open for fresh air.

Repel Mice

Step 8

Apply oil of peppermint, which you can find at drugstores, to several cotton balls.

Step 9

Place the soaked cotton balls around the rooms in your home, specifically where you have seen mice, mouse tracks or droppings.

Step 10

Pour 1 oz. of oil of peppermint into an empty spray bottle and fill the bottle the rest of the way with warm water. Spray the mixture over your floors, furniture and even hard surfaces. This will repel the mice from those surfaces and areas.

Step 11

Clean surfaces with a mixture of 1/2 cup of ammonia and a gallon of water. As the ammonia cleanses surfaces, it removes germs and leaves a scent that repels mice.

Kill the Mice

Step 12

Apply borax powder to surfaces where you have seen mouse droppings and other signs of mice. Follow the package directions for the brand you chose. Borax is an effective form of poison, that when used correctly, does not harm humans and pets. Sprinkle the borax on the floor along walls, where the mice are most likely to walk.

Step 13

Kill mice when you see them if you are not afraid of them. A whack with a shoe is enough to render them unconscious, giving you enough time to escort them to the trash bin outside.

Step 14

Get a cat and name it "Killer." The name is optional, but cats are known for mouse-hunting capabilities, and they actually enjoy it. Another added "bonus" is that the mouse will be easy to find, as Killer or Fluffy will bring it to you as a gift.

Step 15

Dispose of all dead mice when you see them and keep a record of how many you have removed each week to compare how that number changes with the methods of control you are using.

Cats hunt mice.