How to Get Rid of a Squirrel Problem

Your home is your tranquil, private place where you hope to be safe from unwanted intruders. Even if your home is equipped with an alarm system, you still may not be protected from an intruder that may be harmful to your health and your finances—a squirrel. Squirrels may enter your home, chewing holes and leaving droppings wherever they roam. Squirrels may also destroy your property by digging up your yard, potentially lowering your property value if the damage is extreme.

Squirrels can cause property damage.

Step 1

Identify the openings and entrances that the squirrel used to enter your property. There is a good chance the squirrel uses more than one path to enter your home or property, so try to find at least two methods of entry.

Step 2

Set small steel cages to trap the squirrel humanely. Be careful not to release the squirrel too close to your home or it may soon return.

Step 3

Replace any chewed-through wood with new wood to seal any holes the squirrel used to enter your property. Without sealing these holes, the squirrel will continue to enter and exit your property at its leisure. If there are many holes or you are not handy with tools, consider calling a carpenter.

Step 4

Clean and deodorize inside areas where the squirrel has been. The smell of urine or feces may attract other animals and cause health problems.

Step 5

Trim any tree branches that give squirrels access to your roof.