How to Rescue Someone in a Burning Building

How to Rescue Someone in a Burning Building. You never know when or where a fire will start. There are procedures to follow if you find yourself or someone else in a burning building. Be careful and aware of what is going on around you when you are trying to save someone in a fire and follow these steps to rescue someone in a burning building.

Step 1

Call 911. Find the closest phone and call your local emergency services. Notify the fire department as soon as possible because fire fighters are best equipped to handle fires. As you make your way through the fire call out for any others that may be in the fire as well. Do not delay in contacting emergency services.

Step 2

Stay close to the ground. Smoke is poisonous and can kill you. Stay as far from the smoke as possible. If it is possible put a damp cloth to your mouth and nose area. This will make it easier to breathe as you move your way through the burning building.

Step 3

Touch doors with the back of your hand. When you come to a closed door only use the back side of your hand. Your palm is very sensitive and can burn very easily. If a door feels warm, then do not open it. Try to find an alternate route. Keep doors open after opening them. This will make it easier for fire fighters to move through the building.

Step 4

Move quickly through the burning building. Proceed to the nearest stairway. Move safely and quickly down to the first floor and out the building. Do not go up floors in a burning building. Grab anyone you see and stay close together. Never use elevators when you are trying to rescue a person in a burning building.

Step 5

Use extreme caution. Fires are dangerous. After you have found the person you are trying to rescue, get out of the building as soon as possible. Never go back in a burning building.