How to Insert a Bit Into a Dremel Tool

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Things You'll Need

  • Spanner wrench provided with Dremel tool

  • New bit

  • New collet

A Dremel tool is a small, hand-held power tool that can perform a number of jobs depending on the type of bit you are using. Dremel tools are especially good for doing fine work that requires more power than hand work can provide. The tool consists of a motor in an easy-to-hold housing. The motor quickly spins a bit that can cut, sand, grind, polish or drill, depending on the type of bit being used. It is very easy to change the bit on a Dremel tool.


Step 1

Turn the Dremel tool off and ensure that it is disconnected from the power supply. Wait for the bit to cool down if it was recently used.

Step 2

Depress the shaft lock button on the side of the Dremel tool near the end of the tool, and rotate the shaft until it locks.

Step 3

Keep the shaft lock button depressed, and loosen the collet nut that holds the bit with the spanner wrench provided. The collet is the device at the end of the shaft that holds the bit in place. Remove the bit.


Step 4

If necessary to accommodate a different bit shank size, remove the collet nut and change out the collet itself. Replace the collet nut, loosely.

Step 5

Insert the shank of the new bit into the collet. The shank should protrude at least 1/8 of an inch from the collet.

Step 6

Keep the shaft lock button depressed and tighten the collet nut with the wrench.

Step 7

Release the shaft lock button.



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