The Worksmith rotary tool was similar to those made by Dremel. In fact, Worksmith rotary tool attachments also fit on Dremel tools and Dremel attachments could be used on Worksmith rotary tools. The rotary tool uses a number of different heads, all with unique functions for different purposes ranging from grinding speaker brackets to cutting or sanding jobs in tight-to-reach areas. Mastering the art of using all the different rotary tool heads will come over time. However, familiarizing yourself with the basic function and use of the tool only takes an hour or two.

Step 1

Install the correct collet for the attachment you are going to use. The collet is a small chuck used for grasping the attachments for your rotary tool. To install the collet, engage the shaft lock button and then remove the collet nut. Use the collet tool to do this. Install the collet you need into the collet shaft then tighten the collet nut.

Step 2

Press the shaft lock button and rotate the shaft by hand until it engages the shaft lock. Insert the bit or accessory shank fully into the collet. Tighten the collet nut by hand or with the collet tool until it grips the bit or accessory shank.

Step 3

Plug your rotary tool in.

Step 4

Practice with your rotary tool on scrap wood or plastic to get the feel and balance of the tool. Also acquaint yourself with the different speeds.