The Andreas Stihl AG & Company, based near Stuttgart, Germany, specializes in the production of gasoline-powered chain saws as well as a wide variety of outdoor equipment for personal and professional use. The Stihl 090 model, introduced in 1968, is considered a vintage model, but it is still used due to its overall durability and engine performance.

The Stihl Company has manufactured chainsaws since 1926.

General Features

The Stihl 090 is a one-man operated, gasoline-powered chainsaw constructed of die-cast magnesium for maximum durability with the lightest possible weight. It uses a rigid-handlebar system with comfort grip and an Oregon-type chain, which is one of the top manufacturers of professional-use chainsaw chains in the world. It also utilizes a centrifugal clutch as well as a built-in Fairbanks-Morse type, automatic rewind starter. It is available in a gray and white color scheme with a top cover in orange.


The Stihl 090 chainsaw includes a one-cylinder, 137cc engine with a displacement of 8.36 cubic inches. It provides up to 13 horsepower at 6,500 rpm with a maximum rpm of 7,000. The aluminum with chrome-plated bore is measured at 2.64 inches, with a stroke measured at 1.6 inches. The engine's intake method is piston ported with a nylon-mesh air filter and it requires either Castrol 2-Stroke SAE 40 or DeLuxe SAE 50 engine oils.


The Stihl 090 chainsaw accommodates wear-resistant, steel-alloy guide bars as short as 21 inches and as long as 60 inches. It offers a chain pitch of .404 inches with the option to raise it to .5 inches. It also includes a maximum fuel capacity of 2.54 pints of regular-octane gasoline with a fuel/oil ratio of 20:1 after the break-in period. Its overall weight is 30.6 pounds.

Other Specifications

The Stihl 090 chainsaw includes a Tillotson Ltd. carburetor (HL-244A, 324A, 327C or 331A series) with two major repair kits available: the RK-113HL (for carburetor models HL-244A and 324A), and RK-114HL for the HL-327C model. The DG-5HL minor repair kit is available for all carburetor types. In addition, the chainsaw uses Bosch WKA 225 T6 spark plugs with a spark-plug gap measured at 0.020 inches and an ignition timing measured at 0.12 inches before top dead center (TDC).