How to Clean the Tracks of an Aluminum Sliding Door

Many sliding patio doors are made of aluminum. The tracks on which the door slides can become populated with dirt and debris over time, which can make the door operate less smoothly. Cleaning the tracks of an aluminum sliding door is accomplished fairly easily with just a few items. The job can be completed in about half an hour.

Step 1

Slide the door open to gain access to the tracks. If there is a screen door, open it also.

Step 2

Vacuum the tracks with a vacuum, preferably a canister type with a crevice tool. Vacuum as much dirt and debris out of the track as you can.

Step 3

Spray a cleaner with a degreaser, like 409, into the tracks and wipe with an old rag. Use a screwdriver to insert the rag deep into the tracks.

Step 4

Spray a lubricant on the tracks to ensure the smooth operation of the door. Close the door and clean the track that is exposed when the door is closed the same way you cleaned the other part of the track.