How to Replace the Grids on a Home Depot French Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Helper


Some wood French doors use snap-in grids. Look where the ends of each grid line enters into the door frame glass bead. Push the ends away from the beading with your fingers to remove the grids. Replacement grids are available through the door manufacturer.

Home Depot carries a variety of French doors from different manufacturers including their Builder's Choice house line. Some of their French doors have window grids to give the door the appearance of having divided lights instead of the one single pane. Sometimes the grids crack or fade, altering the look of your doors. Replacing the grids on a Home Depot French door depends on the manufacturer, although the general process is similar.

Step 1

Place masking tape across the window on the outside of each French door panel. The tape should extend 6-inches past each side of the window and onto the door. This helps keep the door glass in place when removing the grids.

Step 2

Check the inside face of the door glass frame for small round seams. The seams are plugs that cover retaining screws. Pry the plugs off the door glass frame with the corner of a utility knife blade.

Step 3

Remove the frame's retaining screws with a Phillips screwdriver, while your helper holds the outside frame in place. Pull the top of the inner door glass frame toward you with one hand while holding the glass against the outer frame.

Step 4

Pull the grid out of the inner door's glass frame. Insert the new grid into the inside of the inner door's glass frame. The ends fit into the recessed area on the back of the frame. Push the inner frame back into place and secure with the retaining screws. Place the caps over the screw heads.


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