How to Change Windows and Screens on Andersen Storm Doors

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Do not pull the the long side strips to the point of bending. This causes irreparable damage to the retaining strips requiring replacement. The 4000 model screens and window simply lock into the frame. Turn the door handle so that it points up to unlock the screen or window for removal. Install the screen or window and flip the door handle to its normal position to lock the the screen or window in place.

Anderson storm doors protect your entry doors from the weather as well as accentuate the front of your home. The storm doors come with a removable full-view glass panel as well as a full length insect screen panel. This enables you to change the panels out depending on the weather outside. Anderson manufacturers their storm doors to be user-friendly and makes changing the windows and screens a simple process.

Step 1

Place your fingers on the top ledge of the upper retaining strip. Press down and out with your fingers to unsnap the retaining strip from the door frame. Continue down the length of the retaining strip, pressing down and out until it is off the door.

Step 2

Repeat for the bottom and the hinge side retaining strip. Flips the door handle so that it points up. This moves the handle out of your way to remove the final retaining strip.

Step 3

Pull the glass window or screen out of the storm door and install either one back into the door.

Step 4

Line up the groove on the retaining strip with the groove in the door frame, starting with the handle side of the door. Press the retaining strip into the groove along the entire length of the strip. Repeat for the hinge side next. Install the bottom and upper strips last.


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