How to Remove Scratches from Glass

How to Remove Scratches from Glass. Windows or other glass surfaces in the home can become scratched and unsightly over time. Instead of going to the expense of replacing the glass, it may be possible to buff out light or hairline scratches. Here are a few easy steps that might save you some time and money.

Step 1

Apply polishing or jeweler's rouge to a lambs wool buffing pad. You can either buff the scratch by hand using a circular motion or with an electric buffer on medium speed.

Step 2

Wash the polishing compound, jeweler's rouge or whitening toothpaste off from time to time in order to check on the progress of the scratch removal.

Step 3

Mix two ounces of ammonia with two quarts of water. You may want to be sure to hold your nose closed during this process! Also, always wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when working with ammonia.

Step 4

Clean the glass surface with the ammonia water with a clean soft sponge.

Step 5

Dry the glass with a lint free towel. If the scratches are not completely gone, they should at least be less apparent. If there is no significant difference, consider contacting a glass company to replace or rebuff the glass.