How to Measure Mobile Home Windows for Replacements

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Some mobile homes have two windows, a storm window and inside window. Use the same measurement for both windows when replacing them.


Do not measure from "tip-to-tip" or the outside trim. This will cause your measurement to be inaccurate.

Mobile home windows are manufactured in standard sizes.

To find the measurement for a mobile home window, it is important you know that mobile home windows get their size from the "rough opening" window size, according to Mobile Home Hardware. This means that the windows are not measured on the outside or by using the outside edges of the window, but by the inside. Generally, mobile home windows are produced in standard sizes, making measuring for replacement windows easier. By getting a very close measurement, your mobile home parts supplier can help you determine the size windows you need for replacements.


Step 1

Use a standard tape measure. Get a measurement for each window you need to replace in your mobile home to make sure the sizes are correct.

Step 2

Go inside the mobile home to take your measurement. Open the window from the inside to get an accurate measurement.

Step 3

Place the end of the tape measure on the wood on the inside at the left of the window opening. Stretch the measuring tape to the opposite wall, remaining on the inside of the opening. Measure at the bottom of the opening and keep your tape measure straight.


Step 4

Read the tape measure to get the size of the opening. Take another measurement of the top of the window to make sure it matches. This is your standard window size for your mobile home.

Step 5

Purchase a window that is recommended for the standard size of your mobile home window. The size will be a little smaller than the actual measurement.



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