How to Remove Glass From a Full View Larson Storm Door

Larson storm doors are stylish doors that add curb appeal to your home. Full view glass storm doors provide excellent light when you have the exterior door open during the day. Cleaning the glass or removing a broken glass is not difficult with the Larson storm door. The glass secures to the door frame with push retainers that snap in and out of the door frame edge. In case of broken glass, have a friend assist you when you remove it.

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Step 1

Look at the inside of your storm door and locate the retaining strips that secure the glass to the door frame. You'll take the side retaining strips off first. If you must remove a broken glass, put on leather gloves and remove as many loose pieces as possible. Have a helper on hand to hold pieces in place while removing the retainers.

Step 2

Insert a small flat head screwdriver between the edge of the vinyl strip glass retainer and the edge of the Larson storm door frame. Insert ½ inch down from the top of the door. Carefully twist the screwdriver handle to pry the retainers away from the door panel.

Step 3

Move the screwdriver down 2 inches and insert it between the retainer and the door frame. Twist the handle again to pry the retainer away from the frame. Repeat this all the way down the length of the retainer.

Step 4

Remove the opposite side retainer in the same manner. After removing the side retainers, remove the bottom retainer.

Step 5

Insert the screwdriver between the top retainer and the door frame, while holding the glass with your fingertips. When you completely remove the top retainer, allow the glass to come forward enough that you can grab the glass on both sides. The glass edges are beveled so you will only have sharp edges if you remove a broken glass.

Step 6

Pull the glass away from the door and place it in a safe area on its edge. Install the glass by first installing the top and bottom retainers. The retainers will snap into position with your thumbs.