How to Remove Tapcon Screws

Builders commonly use Tapcon screws for concrete, block and brick applications. The threads in these screws hold firmly in all of these surfaces. Tapcon screws come in two different diameters and numerous lengths. These screws, coated with Blue Climaseal, provide excellent protection against rust. Due to their durability, Tapcon screws entrench firmly wherever you install them.

Step 1

Inspect the Tapcon screw in the concrete to determine how deep it is impacted and check to see if the head of the screw is still in good shape. Touch the head of the screw to feel if it has been stripped.

Step 2

If the head is in good shape, dig out around the screw with an external screw extractor. Connect the extractor to the drill and drill out around the screw to allow for space for you to remove the Tapcon properly. Go around the entire area of the screw near the head.

Step 3

Connect the proper bit to the drill depending on the size of the Tapcon. Put the drill in reverse and line it up to the head of the Tapcon screw. Press firmly and turn the drill on. Remove the screw in the same manner as you would remove any other screw.

Step 4

Repeat this process for each Tapcon screw that is impacted and needs to be removed. Chisel out the screw if the head is too damaged and a drill bit cannot properly remove the screw.

Step 5

Chisel out the area surrounding the screw with a hammer and chisel. Work until the screw is completely uncovered and grip it with vise grips. Carefully turn the screw out while gripping it. Repeat this procedure for any other screws that are severely impacted and you cannot remove it with only a drill.