How to Remove a Wall Mount

Many household appliances and electronics, such as TVs, telephones and microwaves, are affixed to a wall with wall mounts. Hanging these types of items is a popular space-saving technique, however, to take them down, you need to know how to remove their mounts with minimal damage to the wall and hide the screw holes left behind. The process is uncomplicated but might take a weekend to fully complete.

Removing a wall-mounted appliance requires patching the wall for a neat finish.

Step 1

Remove every part of your appliance from the wall, including the cord.

Step 2

Loosen all the screws holding the wall mount to the wall.

Step 3

Unhook the wall mount from the screws, if possible. Otherwise, remove the screws completely. Set aside the wall mount.

Step 4

Grab the small stabilizers left inside the wall using needle-nosed pliers. You might have to twist them around to get them out; don't worry if you collect a little dry-wall in the process. Not all wall mounts have these stabilizers, so just move on if you don't see them.

Step 5

Sand a 1-centimeter area around the edge of each hole. This will help the putty bind to the wall.

Step 6

Spread wall putty over the holes using a putty scraper. Follow the instructions included with your putty for application process and drying time.

Step 7

Sand down the dry putty to make it flush with the wall.

Step 8

Paint the dry putty.