How to Get Rid of Birds in Vents

Birds, commonly sparrow and starlings, may build nests in home vents. The birds will typically build within 2 feet near the vent opening, and then eggs will be laid in the nest. Once there are babies involved, it becomes more difficult to remove the nest material as you must wait until the babies leave. Leaving the nest in the vent can be dangerous since bacteria and parasites within the nest can create severe health risks for your home.

Step 1

Wait for the babies to leave before removing the nest. Never remove a nest that has babies in it. You will know when they are gone as you will no longer hear their chirping. The babies should leave 11 to 15 days after being born.

Step 2

Remove the nest as soon as the babies leave before the birds have a chance to use the nest again or rebuild a new one. Open the vent and use a wire coat hanger to pull the nest out. Wear a mask over your mouth and latex gloves.

Step 3

Push out any excess portions of the nest using a hose. Push the hose through the vent until it reaches into the exterior of the house and the excess nest material is pushed out.

Step 4

Clean all around the area and vacuum out the entire area inside the vent where the nest was. Don't waste any time in cleaning the area since the bacteria left from the nest could be extremely hazardous.

Step 5

Monitor the vent to make sure the birds don't rebuild. Consider purchasing a vent cover that is specific in keeping birds out. For example, the DeflectO Dryer Vent Bird Guard is a beneficial product for stopping birds from rebuilding.

Greg Lindberg

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