Guide to Troubleshooting Dream Maker Hot Tubs

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Dream Maker's line of hot tubs varies in features, but most models have multiple jets, digital controls, a filtering system and a heating system. Many problems with the tub occur within one of these features. Some problems you are able to troubleshoot and repair, but other issues require a call to the dealer for assistance.



No spa light equals a burned-out bulb, a blown light fuse or a light harness that has come unplugged from the control box. Your Dream Maker dealer is best to contact for a blown fuse or an unplugged light harness, but you can replace either of the bulbs. The top light is on an access panel on the outside of the hot tub, while the bottom light is accessible from the bottom of the tub. Drain the tub first before removing it.


If the controls do not display or function properly, it's often due to improper voltage, a blown fuse or a faulty control panel. All causes are reason to contact the dealer for assistance. A licensed electrician can troubleshoot and repair a problem with improper voltage, but issues with the control panel or a blown fuse are best resolved through the dealer.



An open drain valve and cap or a loose jet fitting are both reasons the hot tub may leak. Twist the drain valve and cap tightly closed to test whether the spa stops leaking. Position a flat screwdriver between the jet and spa shell to access the internal nozzle and tighten it.

Low water flow is typically because of a dirty filter or a jet that is not fully open. Turn the jet's faceplate counterclockwise to increase the flow. Rinse the filter with a hose to remove dirt and other debris; if necessary, inspect and clean the filter every two weeks to prevent water flow issues.


Heat and Jets

Low or no heat may be the result when the filter is dirty or the jets are not fully open. Clean the filter and open the jets to test whether the heat problem resolves. If the jets won't come on or if you notice no air bubbles, check that the power is turned on and the jets are fully open. The jets may malfunction if the pump or an internal valve is faulty; both issues require a call to your dealer for repair.



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