How to Drain an Intex Pool

Intex has a number of different model pools available for purchase, and they all drain in the same easy fashion. If you follow the proper steps you should be able to drain your Intex pool without any problems, but if you do encounter difficulty, there are other easy methods that can be applied to successfully drain your pool.

Step 1

Locate the drain valve on the outside of the pool and remove the cap.

Step 2

Place a hose on the ground with the female end lying next to the pool (near the drain valve) and the male end in an area where water can safely be emptied.

Step 3

Attach drain plug connector to the hose and screw into the drain valve. Water will start to drain.

Step 4

Once all the water that can be drained using the hose has emptied, flip pool over to empty out the rest of the water.

Edward Rotchford

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