How to Drain an Intex Pool

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When it comes to above-ground pools, Intex Recreation Corporation manufactures everything from small kiddie pools to those with metal frames large enough for the entire family. Intex pools are affordable and easy to set up and maintain, and the process to drain an Intex pool is basic and doesn't require any special Intex pool parts to get the job done. If you're looking for some guaranteed summer fun in a backyard pool, Intex has you covered. Intex even manufactures pool floats to add to your water enjoyment.


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Draining Intex Pools With a Hose

You drain an inflatable Easy Set or metal frame pool the same way using a simple garden hose to remove the water. Both pools come in a variety of sizes, with the Easy Set having pools small enough for several kids, and both types offering pools that are large enough for the entire family to enjoy some water play. As long as you have a garden hose, you'll be able to easily remove the water.


  1. Remove any pool accessories, like inflatable floats and balls, from the pool as well as any vegetative debris, like leaves or sticks. You don't want the vegetation or other objects accidentally clogging up the drainage area and possibly slowing the process or stopping it.

  2. Select a location where you want the water to drain from the pool before starting the process. Be sure to locate the hose end in an area where the water won't flood your home's foundation or hardscape areas.

  3. Locate the drain plug situated on the pool's inner wall and make sure it is in place. Next, locate the drain valve on the pool's outer wall and remove its cap.

  4. Attach the female end of a garden hose into the drain connector and situate the other end of the hose in an area you've selected for the pool's water to drain.

  5. Attach the drain connector that's connected to the hose end to the drain valve. Once connected, the drain connector pushes open the drain plug, and you should instantly notice water beginning to drain from the pool.

  6. Lift the pool's opposite side from the drain valve to remove the remaining water from the pool when it reaches a low level below the drain.

  7. Remove the garden hose and the adapter from the pool when the water has completely drained. Replace the drain plug inside the drain valve located inside the pool and then replace the drain cap located on the pool's outside wall.


Draining Intex Snapset Pools

The Intex Ocean Spray Snapset pool couldn't be easier to set up and drain and is the perfect choice for kids. With a 6-foot diameter and a height of 15 inches, this pool is a great choice for smaller children. When you need to drain the pool, you don't need anything but yourself to remove the water.


  1. Remove any debris or accessories from the pool before you begin the process of draining. Scoop out any leaves, pool floats, or other items.

  2. Push the pool's sidewall slowly inward to begin draining the water out and onto the ground.

  3. Lift up the pool slowly on one side when the water level gets low to drain out the remaining water in the pool's bottom.

  4. Allow all sections of the pool to dry completely if you are folding the pool for storage.

  5. Sprinkle talcum powder over the pool to prevent the vinyl sides and bottom from sticking together and to absorb any lingering water. Once dry, you can fold the side walls together and roll up the pool for storage.